Kuna's Hero Trio       "KH3

KH3 Mission Statement

Our Mission at KH3 is to help Families. Understanding that difficult times and tragedies can strike any family in numerous ways, some of the more serious involve the health and lives of their children. KH3 was founded and inspired by 3 such events involving the Kuna Hero Trio. Our vision is to assist, support and extend Love and Friendship to families who find themselves in similar circumstances. Our focus is to help families whose lives are affected by injury, illness or loss of children high school age or younger. For any family to experience such adversity is heartbreaking and emotionally draining. We are acquainted with such strenuous times. KH3 is a faith-based, non-denominational organization operated soley by volunteers. Not one member of our committee or their family members benefit financially from our labors in the KH3 movement. Our vision is also to help families all over, not just Kuna, not just Idaho. The Mission of KH3 is based on the Spirit of Love and Friendship Daniel gave freely during his short 11yrs. Where financial support is needed, KH3 will give as it can. Where emotional and spiritual strength is wanted, KH3 will share and strengthen freely. Where a Friend is needed, in KH3 Friends will be found. Where love and faith are waning, KH3 will support in Love and Faith...In all of us dwells the "Heart of the Champion, the Spirit of the Warrior and the Love of a Friend."

In 2013 the small community of Kuna, Idaho experienced 3 events within 2 months that involved 3 families and their sons. 

        Boone Bartlome                                   Daniel Robert Cook                              Elijah Minnick

Boone Bartlome  Heart of a Champion 

Boone is a Junior at Kuna High School. He loves rodeo, hanging out with friends, hunting and being outdoors. Boone plays football as a wide receiver for the Kuna Kavemen Varsity team. 

In Nov of 2013 in a game against Bishop Kelly Knights, Boone suffered a severe spinal injury that required hours of emergency surgery. When the time was right, Boone was moved to a rehabilitation facility in Denver, CO. Boone came home to Kuna in Feb of 2014. He has made some good progress towards regaining mobility in his hands, arms, legs and feet but has a very long road ahead. He has returned to school and has therapy everyday. 

Boone has seen firsthand the loving nature of the Human Spirit. So many have stepped forward to show love and support for the Bartlome Family. Boone is a very grateful and humble young man. Boone is the epitome of the word  Champion...he works very hard every day to overcome not just the physical challenges of his injury, but the emotional, mental and spiritual trials that come with them as well. 

Elijah Minnick Spirit of a Warrior

Elijah is also a Junior at Kuna High School. EliJah also plays football for the Kuna Kavemen Varsity team as a offensive and defensive lineman. He also enjoys playing basketball, hiking, fishing and spending lots of time with his Family. 

Shortly after Christmas, 2013, Elijah went into septic shock and his organs began to shut down. He spent nearly 4 weeks in the PICU unit (2 weeks in a coma) in St. Luke's hospital in Boise, Idaho. As a result of this illness, Elijah has lost a lot of strength and weight.  His health is returning, but he still has a ways to go. 

I asked Elijah to tell me about himself. The first and biggest part of his response was about his Family. Elijah has a huge heart. He is an awesome example of respect, hard work and leadership. He is the kind of young man we all should want our children to look up to. 

Elijah has the spirit of the Warrior.

Daniel  Robert "Danimal" Cook                   2002-2013

Love of a Friend

Daniel was a 6th grader and 3yr, Honor Society student at Crimson Point Elementary in the Kuna School Dist. Daniel loved to wrestle and had just finished his first season with the Kuna Middle School Kavemen wrestling team. He had been wrestling since he was 5 and qualified for the western regional wrestling tournament at the age of 8. Daniel also loved to play football. He started playing in the Kuna Optimist league at the age of 7. He had finished his 5th year of football and had developed into a very formidable defensive end. Daniel also loved to play video games, go fishing and hunting and doing fun things with his friends and family. 

Daniel was tragically killed in a school bus crash on Dec 5th, 2013. 

Daniel showed the Love of a Friend. Daniel had a very big heart for a young boy his age. Boone's injury happened in November and Daniel was involved with the Honor Society at his school to raise money for Boone.  Daniel made friends, child and adult alike, everywhere he went and in everything he did. He was so well known for his kind heart. There are so many stories from young and old about how Daniel touched their lives with kindness in one way or another. Many, many people miss this young man very much, but his memory and spirit live on in love and kindness. 

It is in Daniel's memory and with the help of a few very good friends that this endeavor, an idea from Daniel's father, is moving forward. Initially designed to help the Minnick and Bartlome families with continuing medical expenses. Our vision is to continue to help families in the future and show the love and support that are alive and well in the human spirit . We simply say "Thank you" for your help.